The Party of the Century

The Party of the Century

Rent These Tables For A Backyard Family Reunion

Instead of renting space at an event venue for an upcoming family reunion, it can be fun to host your extended family in your backyard. A spacious backyard can provide adequate room for such a gathering, but you'll need to think about what to rent to ensure that the reunion goes smoothly. Tables will almost certainly be on this list, as they'll provide a spot for peop

4 Examples Of Times When An Audio Visual Company Can Help You Out

Audio-visual companies typically offer a wide variety of speakers, screens, microphones and more for their customers to rent. These companies often work with customers who use their equipment for all sorts of different things. These are a few simple examples of times when you might want to work with a company that rents out audio-visual equipment. 1. Your Existing Aud

Putting Together A Great Event With Party Tent Rentals And Other Services

When you are trying to get the most out of any kind of outdoor event you'd like to put on, you will need to start by figuring out what supplies and services you need. This means looking into things like party tent rentals, catering services, and waste cleanup. Regardless of what sort of event you are planning, you shouldn't have any trouble finding whatever service co

Why You Might Want To Consider A Wedding Tent Rental For Your Big Day

Your wedding day is quickly approaching, and you are trying to nail down the final details for the reception afterward. Before you close the books on your planning, there's one more item you might want to look into. You probably plan to set up some chairs and tables outside, but do you have a contingency plan for if it rains? If the current answer is that people will