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Tips For Renting A Bounce House For Your Wedding

Bounce houses can be a good addition to all sorts of children's gatherings. If a child is having a birthday party or a family is organizing a family reunion, a bounce house can provide plenty of fun for the kids in attendance. It's important to realize that this inflatable recreational device can be good for other occasions, too. If you're planning your wedding, give some thought to adding a bounce house for people to use during the reception. This can especially work well for outdoor events where there's plenty of available space. Here are some tips for using a bounce house at your wedding.

Choose The Right Color

A lot of inflatable attractions are bright in color. You'll often see products with a combination of red, yellow, and blue, for example. While this vibrant look can be a good fit for children's events, it might not suit the look of your wedding. The good news is that you can find bounce houses that are white, which can make them ideal for a wedding. People often use white decorations at these events — you might have white tables and chairs, as well as a white arch to walk through, for example — so a white bounce house will fit in well.

Tell Your Guests In Advance

While it can be fun to watch guests arrive and realize that there's a bounce house available for them to use, it can be a good idea to let them know about this activity in advance. Some guests may want to wear specific outfits that will be conducive to bouncing around. For example, a guest who might otherwise wear a short dress could decide to wear something a little longer so that it doesn't become too revealing while bouncing. If you're going to set up a website with updates about your wedding, you can share this exciting news on the site.

Decorate It To Match

A white bounce house can tie into your wedding theme, but you shouldn't hesitate to decorate this addition to some degree. For example, if you have a specific color of sheer material that you're wrapping around trees or draping in certain ways in your tent, you might wish to use some of this material to wrap around the bounce house. Doing so will make this inflatable attraction fit into the environment even more. Contact a local party rental company to inquire about a bounce house for your wedding.