The Party of the Century

3 Tips For An Unforgettable Back-To-School Bash

As summer draws to an end, you might be thinking about hosting a back-to-school bash for yourself or a loved one. COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted or relaxed in many areas, so it's a great time for a group gathering. Make the most of your time together by considering these helpful suggestions for your party.

1) Rent Party Equipment

Barbecuing or taking a dip in the pool is fun, but somethings you need something a bit more exciting to keep your group entertained. Party equipment rentals can make your summer soiree unforgettable, whether you're celebrating the start of preschool or hosting a group of soon-to-be college students. Inflatable rentals, such as bounce houses and obstacle courses, are a blast for kids. Teens and adults often enjoy dunk tanks, mechanical bulls, and carnival games.

If you're planning a virtual shindig rather than an in-person celebration, a company that handles party rentals can still help. Order a cute sign for your kindergarten graduate, or request colorful letters announcing a college acceptance. You can also surprise someone special by delivering a custom sign to their home.

2) Let Someone Else Do the Cooking

Planning a party can be time-consuming, and like many busy adults, you may have other commitments. Instead of scouring recipe blogs for the perfect party menu, why not enlist the help of a catering company? You can order celebration staples such as fruit trays and sandwiches or request specialty foods such as gluten-free cookies and vegan cupcakes. 

If a catering company doesn't meet your needs, consider hosting a potluck party. Guests can each bring a favorite dish, bag of chips, or case of soda for other attendees to share. You can even ask if someone is willing to bring plates, napkins, or cutlery. 

3) Hire a Photographer

It's easy to forget about snapping selfies while you're busy making memories. Help everyone remember your amazing end-of-summer party for years to come by hiring a professional photographer for party pics. Your guests can focus on enjoying themselves during the event, and you'll have a collection of colorful portraits when the celebration ends.

You can also offer planned photo ops, such as a party booth with accessories. Masks, hats, sunglasses, and funny signs are just a few options your guests may enjoy.

With a little planning, you can host a unique celebration your guests won't forget. Find a local party equipment rental service and enlist help with food and photos for a day of fun festivities.