The Party of the Century

Rent Heating Equipment For A Party That Will Be Held Outdoors

Event rental outfitters supply heating products that can be used to warm up an outdoor space or the inside of a tent. If your party will be taking place on a patio or under a canvas popup tent, explore some functional ways to keep your guests warm without detracting from the party's atmosphere.

A Pole Unit That Uses Propane

Party planning begins with deciding what type of ambiance the guests will be supplied with. If a party will be held in a confined outdoor space, using a bulky heating system may not be ideal. An event rental outfitter may feature pole heating units that utilize propane. This type of product has a slim design that will not take up essential space where party guests will be congregating.

A rental outfitter may supply the heating apparatus and a propane tank. The tank will be designed to rest on a level surface. A heating unit may contain a built-in tank design. The pole that is in the central part of a unit will extend vertically toward a diffuser. A fancy style pole unit may resemble a lamp. The diffuser may be curved in shape. A propane heater like this will not make any noise while it is being operated.

A Portable Forced Air Unit

An event outfitter may feature portable heating units that use forced air. These units may contain a wheelbase or be lightweight. A forced-air unit will contain internal fans, which will push heat outward. The size of a portable forced air unit may have a bearing on the amount of square footage that a heater is designed for. A forced unit may require the use of propane or another type of gas. A forced-air unit may also contain a battery or be designed to plug into an electrical socket. This type of heater can be used in large, open areas or confined spaces.

If a heater will be installed under a tent, there should be adequate airflow that will keep the space well-ventilated. Heating equipment should be set up on a floor, a lawn, or hardscaping materials. A heater should not be placed close to fabrics or other flammable surfaces. If party guests will be seated inside of a tent that needs to be warmed up, a heater can be placed centrally. This will allow all of the guests to enjoy the warmth that a heating unit produces.

For more information on an outdoor heater rental, contact a professional near you.