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Rent These Tables For A Backyard Family Reunion

Instead of renting space at an event venue for an upcoming family reunion, it can be fun to host your extended family in your backyard. A spacious backyard can provide adequate room for such a gathering, but you'll need to think about what to rent to ensure that the reunion goes smoothly. Tables will almost certainly be on this list, as they'll provide a spot for people to sit while eating, as well as hold food in a buffet style. Contact a local table rental service to learn about what options it has available. These three tables, in particular, will come in handy at your event.

Picnic Tables

Picnic tables are a good option because, in addition to the value that they offer as tables, they also provide seating. A row of picnic tables can provide lots of space for your family to sit and eat at mealtime, and you can easily move these tables out of the way after the meal if you want more space for games and mingling. You'll often have the choice of picnic table designs — some are wood and metal, while others are plastic and metal. Some rental services may have picnic tables in different lengths, too.

Children's Tables

While older children will probably enjoy sitting at the picnic tables that you rent, you'll typically need a smaller option for young children in attendance. Many table rental services have different types of children's tables available. These are tables that are short in height, making them ideal for children who need child-sized chairs. You may have the option of tables that can accommodate different numbers of children. Many kids find it exciting to sit at a table with other children instead of adults, so renting these tables will make a lot of your younger guests happy.

Banquet Tables

Banquet tables are large and versatile, making them a useful choice for your backyard family gathering. While you can certainly rent some chairs and have people sit at your banquet tables to eat, they also work well as buffet tables. For example, if you're hosting a potluck gathering and you'll need plenty of space for your guests to place the food that they bring, banquet tables can be a good choice. You might opt for one of these tables for appetizers, one or two tables for main courses, and another table for desserts. Contact a table rental service to learn more.