The Party of the Century

Why You Might Want To Consider A Wedding Tent Rental For Your Big Day

Your wedding day is quickly approaching, and you are trying to nail down the final details for the reception afterward. Before you close the books on your planning, there's one more item you might want to look into. You probably plan to set up some chairs and tables outside, but do you have a contingency plan for if it rains? If the current answer is that people will simply have to pick up their stuff and sprint inside somewhere, there might be a better way. Here's why you should consider a wedding tent rental for your big day.

Keep the Party Going Through the Rain

The most obvious benefit may also be the most important one toward ensuring that your reception goes off without a hitch, rain or shine. A wedding tent can shield your guests from the elements. You'll be able to keep the dinner or the dancing going no matter what is going on outside. You can simply focus on enjoying the day with your family and friends instead of having to check the weather report every five minutes.

A Wedding Tent Can Be Decorated

Looking for additional ways to get value out of your wedding tent rental? Most of these tents are designed to be huge in order to house a lot of people, and many are white in color (although you can likely request another color if you want to). But a huge, white tent is essentially like a big whiteboard. You can decorate the tent in any way you like. Spell out the names of the happy couple, tie balloons to it, or do basically anything you want as long as it won't cause permanent damage to your rental. You can turn a giant tent into something truly eye-catching that looks like it's part of the wedding decorations.

Why Rent Instead of Buy?

If you are actually a wedding organizer, then perhaps you should buy a wedding tent because you can offer it to multiple clients. But for everyone else, a wedding tent rental makes much more sense. The upfront cost will be reasonable, and then someone will be able to take it away and get it out of your hair when the day is over. You won't have to worry about storing it somewhere until your next big family event; you can just call up the rental company and rent it again the next time there is a big event in your life. 

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